Long considered “The Heart of Show Business,” Variety finds its roots in the entertainment industry.

Variety was originally established by eleven Vaudeville showmen and still exists today for one reason: to help children in need.

Variety Story

Decades ago on Christmas Eve, 1928, a baby girl was left at the Sheridan Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA by a family unable to take care of her. During a time of economic crisis and limited social supports for families, this baby girl was left with a request to Variety Club members to take care of her and support her needs.

What transpired was the coming together of a community in a time of need to support a vulnerable child. This was the starting point to what has grown into a worldwide network of thousands of volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of children in crisis.

With an almost nine-decade legacy of caring for children across the globe, Variety, the Children’s Charity has grown to 43 Chapters in 13 countries, raising over $1.7 billion worldwide to assist the treatment and care for children with special needs.

Variety’s legacy continues now into the 21st century with the support, partnership and sponsorship provided by major motion picture studios, movie theatre chains, national and international retailers, major corporations and community and individual supporters.

Thank you for your tremendous help and support in working to create bright futures for children everywhere.

Every gift has the potential to drastically improve an individual’s quality of life.

Variety Alberta Founders:

Alberta Story

The Alberta Chapter of Variety was formed in Calgary Alberta in 1982 by Colleen Klein and former broadcasting legend Ed Whalen and partner Nomi, along with philanthropic members of the community to help children living with disabilities meet the challenges that they were facing.

For the past 35 years, Variety Alberta has raised millions of dollars to provide funding and specialized services to support children and local grassroots organizations that deliver care and services to children with specialized needs throughout our province.