Support for Assistive Learning Device

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Thomas is a happy 4 year old with severe cerebral palsy, dystonia, epilepsy and cortical visual impairment. He loves spending time with his family, especially his two younger siblings, Joe and Vera and his dog, Bella. He attends school during the year and loves his teacher, classmates and taking part in group activities. Thomas has also has been [...]

Modified Vans Open Doors for Families

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Think of how quickly and easily you and your family get around in the family vehicle for an outing. This convenience is something we all take for granted. Sondra Austin’s son, Lukas, has arteriovenous malformation of the brain as well as cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He is completely wheelchair-bound. Sondra received a modified van in June 2015 with help [...]

New Feeding Tube Offers Freedom and Better Quality of Life for Breanna and her Family

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It’s 4:00 am and Breanna’s dog, Benny, has woken her up with his whining and pacing in her room. Breanna shares this story and tells us “he does this every once in a while, as sleeping through the night is a new thing for him. It’s a new thing for all of us actually”. Breanna is [...]

New hospital bed provides essential support for Nyah

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Beautiful little Nyah is a ten-year-old who is the center of life for her parents, Angela and Todd and her big brother Jacob. A gentle and loving girl, her mother shares that the family often remarks that she has a quiet softness about her. Living with multiple severe medical issues, Nyah is restricted to her wheelchair [...]

Our Stories

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Great night, great support

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Our Night of Variety on October 22 raised just over $13,000, that's up from $11,700 last year! The event would not be possible without the help of sponsors and especially our feature event sponsor, Marsh Canada. We are also grateful for all the silent auction donors, performers, vendors and wonderful guests who helped to make this event another great success. We received lots of compliments [...]

Life Saving Formula For Infant Twin Boys

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Wyatt and Blake are twin boys who were born prematurely at 33 weeks gestation in September 2013. Within a month of their birth, both twins started displaying negative symptoms and were diagnosed with severe milk protein allergies due, in part, to their under developed digestive systems. Their condition made it impossible for the boys to digest dairy products, [...]