Go Baby Go Toddler Mobility Program

For children living without disabilities, technology makes things easier. For children living with disabilities, technology makes things possible!

Go Baby Go supports children with limited mobility using ride on adaptive toy cars with push button switches, supportive seating and communication devices to provide opportunities for children to move independently in ways that they otherwise would not be able to do on their own.

This program is a fun non-stigmatizing way for children who are not independently mobile to engage in play while experiencing therapeutic benefits, building muscle control and muscle memory and learning about their environment.

Variety Alberta currently helps support the Getting Ready For Inclusion Today‘s GBG program, where we offer funding support that has gone towards:

  • Purchasing two GBG vehicles for the program;

  • Purchasing all adaptive equipment needed for these two vehicles to support the needs of the children in the program;

  • Rental of facility to run the GBG program; and

  • Funding support towards the Occupational Therapist hours during GBG programming.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We have devised two sponsorship opportunities:

  1. Investment in a Community Go Baby Go Program; and/or

  2. Donation of a Go Baby Go car to a Deserving Child.

Community Go Baby Go Program:

Based on the needs of the community and in conjunction with a community disability serving partner, a formalized Go Baby Go program will be created to support a variety of children living with specialized needs to help develop their cognitive, social and physical development. A donation towards the Go Baby Go community program supports participation of up to five children for one year. Costs help cover the purchase and modification of one vehicle including all communicative devices and accessibility modifications for participating children; rental of gym and storage costs for the monthly workshops; functional assessments and ongoing support from physiotherapists and program delivery costs.

A formal community program can support up to 5 vehicles that will be shared among 20 children over a 6-hour time frame once a month. This will allow children to spend an hour on the vehicle each month alongside their physiotherapist and/or support worker who will work with the child independently to begin learning how to maneuver the vehicles based on their independent needs and abilities.

Participation in the program will be geared to children who have complex needs and require therapist engagement and support to help with their body and spatial awareness.

Donation of Go Baby Go Car to Family:

Working with organizations that provide front line services to young children living with disabilities, we will identify children who will be gifted a Go Baby Go car for personal use in their homes and communities. Donation of a Go Baby Go car will be to families of children who are readier for independent play that does not need to be supervised one on one by a physiotherapist or support worker.

Donations provide a fully functional vehicle that has been specifically modified for the child’s direct needs for being able to independently sit in and control the vehicle on their own.

Our vision with the GBG sponsorship is to have participating organization branding on the GBG cars with company sticker placed on the car(s) (similar to NASCAR). We will also be creating annual GBG graduation certificates for the children who are engaged in the program and issuing mini driver’s licenses that can be branded by company logos.

In addition, we will invite sponsors to come and participate in a community car building/modification day and be invited to gift the vehicle to the children who will be receiving a car. This will allow sponsors to meet the child(ren) they are supporting and see firsthand how important these mobile cars are to their growth and development.

For more information on the GBG program or to donate funds towards a GBG vehicle, please email info@varietyalberta.ca.