Variety Park

Variety Park was an initiative by Variety Alberta, to provide a space for children of all abilities to be able to come together and play.

Investment from Variety Alberta, the Alberta Lottery Fund and community supporters, Variety Park was completed in 2002. The 1.2-acre park is located at 90 Avenue and 24 Street S.W., Calgary, adjacent to Glenmore Reservoir with access to the public cycle path.

The park includes preschool and school-age play areas, splash park features and picnic areas for all families to enjoy. The park is also specifically designed for children with mobility impairments, with features that include:

  • Rubberized safety surface rather than conventional pea gravel to allow for easy rolling of wheelchairs; and

  • Ramps and a wide play structure to allow for wheelchairs.

In June 2017 Variety Alberta did an expansion to Variety Park to provide a more inclusive play experience for all children. Our vision for the enhancement of Variety Park is to create a park for all children in Calgary and surrounding areas to come to and play but also includes extensive play value for children with specialized requirements.

We removed the inaccessible pieces and added updated equipment to provide a more engaging and interactive experience for children of all abilities to come together and play.

We believe barriers can be removed through education, increased awareness and creating environments of acceptance, understanding and celebration of differences. We know that misunderstood beliefs that people can foster can be a huge barrier to acceptance and when we create environments and/or situations that allow for equal opportunity for all individuals to come together to play, then it allows for learning about and accepting of differences.