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The Life Enriching pillar focuses on enriching and transforming the lives of children with special needs through positive stimulation through assistive learning and communication devices, recreation and self-development opportunities through early literacy, inclusive community activities and camps.

Variety Life Enriching Pillar

Variety Manitoba supported Hailey with an ipad to her communicate both at school and at home.

Variety Alberta Supports Children with Communicative Support Devices.

Variety Alberta has supported children with developmental delays by providing funding for developmentally appropriate toys, equipment and communication tools to support their participation in daily living.

Through the purchase of equipment such as tablets, hard of hearing support devices, specialized hand eye coordination tools and software programs that support various sensory needs, Variety Alberta has helped many children communicate more effectively with their families and teachers and have helped with the development of motor control – allowing these children to safely explore the world while supporting their body movement, hand eye coordination and cognitive development.

Variety Alberta looks forward to helping more children have access to the communication tools they need to support their growth and development.