Just Like You ™

Disability Awareness Education Program

Just Like You ™

Disability Awareness Education Program

Education Program Overview

Our Disability Awareness Education Program is based on the belief that barriers can be removed through education, increased awareness and creating environments of acceptance, understanding, and celebration of differences.

We know that misunderstood beliefs can be a huge barrier to acceptance and when we openly talk about people living with disabilities – how they overcome obstacles and how we can make the world a more inclusive place, then we begin to break down stereotypes and negative perceptions that exist.

This free empathy based program introduces the concept of disability to children at a young age. Using direct, interactive workshops led by a person with a disability themselves, Just Like You™ challenges misconceptions surrounding disability and provides a new lens for seeing disability in a positive, affirmative way.

The Just Like You™ program was brought from Variety New South Wales to Canada in the summer of 2018. Variety Alberta runs the Just Like You™ program in elementary schools within Alberta.


The Just Like You ™ Education Program:


  • Raises awareness and increases understanding and acceptance of people who are living with disabilities;
  • Addresses the need to support a culture of inclusion, where all children regardless of ability or specialized need are accepted and celebrated and are positioned to succeed and achieve their own victories;
  • Helps children have a greater understanding of the potential of people with all types of disabilities;
  • Provides opportunities for children to openly talk about differences and develops an understanding of social responsibility; and
  • Provides opportunities for children to talk about bullying and why children who may look or act differently want to play and have friends just like everybody else.
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