Wyatt and Blake are twin boys who were born prematurely at 33 weeks gestation in September 2013. Within a month of their birth, both twins started displaying negative symptoms and were diagnosed with severe milk protein allergies due, in part, to their under developed digestive systems.

Their condition made it impossible for the boys to digest dairy products, dairy by-products or soy products. After trying numerous infant formulas with no luck, the family’s pediatrician put the twins on Puramino A+. This special hypoallergenic amino-acid based baby formula is specifically designed for babies with severe milk protein allergies. The formula was costing the family approximately $2,000/month and it was not covered by their insurance. The twin boys needed this formula to survive long enough to allow their bodies to develop enough to make normal digestion possible.

Wyatt and Blake’s parents reached out to Variety in March 2014 and we were able to provide the family with enough funding to purchase a two month supply of Puramino A+. This gift has given the boys the head start their lives needed and would not have been possible without the generosity of our amazing donors.