Think of how quickly and easily you and your family get around in the family vehicle for an outing. This convenience is something we all take for granted.

Sondra Austin’s son, Lukas, has arteriovenous malformation of the brain as well as cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He is completely wheelchair-bound. Sondra received a modified van in June 2015 with help from Variety.

Before the new van came into Sondra’s life, eight-year old Lukas had to be lifted in and out of his wheelchair and placed in a car seat. After this considerable feat, the 80-pound wheelchair needed to be hoisted up into the car as well.

Trips and outings were limited and the family chose to live near Lukas’ school so they could walk rather than drive. During cold Edmonton winters, Sondra pushed Lukas’ wheelchair through the snow and ice and one miserable day last winter the chair actually tipped over. Lukas was okay, but Sondra knew help was needed.

“We are committed to taking Lukas to school because he finds so much joy there,” she explains, “The new van allows us to take Lukas to school much more easily and really opens up our world. We are so very grateful for this help.”