Beautiful little Nyah is a ten-year-old who is the center of life for her parents, Angela and Todd and her big brother Jacob. A gentle and loving girl, her mother shares that the family often remarks that she has a quiet softness about her. Living with multiple severe medical issues, Nyah is restricted to her wheelchair and bed.

In December, Nyah and her family experienced further challenges when she underwent major back surgery with some complications. With so many hours restricted to her bed, the need for a proper hospital bed was essential to provide her with proper care and safety. As well, Nyah’s joy is from interacting with others and the world around her and being able to adjust a bed in multiple positions allows her to more fully interact with the world around her.

One such pleasure for little Nyah is being able to watch her favourite Baby Einstein program while resting in her bed – “It’s her happy place,” explains mom Angela. A fully adjustable hospital bed makes it possible for Nyah to be in the right position for optimal health, safety and comfort. “We raise her feet to relieve fluid pressure, and we raise her head to help her to breathe and eat properly.”

Complex needs require complex equipment and Variety was honoured to be there for Nyah and her family to provide the right bed. It is also a huge benefit to those providing care every hour of every day. It makes it easier to provide the loving attention children with severe disabilities require.

Nyah’s mom Angela shared with us, “Nyah’s brand new bed arrived just before she returned home from her surgery in December. The timing was absolutely miraculous to say the least. The bed is a success! She is so comfortable and safe, and for all of us, that is what it is all about. Nyah is the center of our world and when there is peace and comfort for her, there is peace for all of us.”


“Thank you just doesn’t seem nearly enough!” says Angela. “We are able to meet Nyah’s medical needs so much more effectively now because of what you have done for us. God bless you for this help!”