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The Life Changing pillar is dedicated to providing mobility and assistive devices to children and their families, and Alberta communities in need. Children with special needs often rely on equipment to assist them in their daily activities, from wheelchairs to walkers, adaptive bikes to vehicle modification. Support in these areas will ensure children who are in need of assistive devices will be able to improve their mobility, increase their independence and experience positive social inclusion.

Focusing on positive stimulation and support with specialized equipment, children living with disabilities can thrive in their home, school and community environments.

Variety Life Changing Pillar

Variety British Columbia supported Nathan by funding a mobility device, and at 3 years of age, Nathan took his first assisted steps.

Covering a wide scope, Life Changing grants have covered:

  • Manual and powered wheelchairs

  • Adaptive bicycles and trikes

  • Hoists and lifts

  • Modified vehicle access

  • Standing and walking assistance like gait trainers, walkers, standing frames and positioning systems

  • Specialized car seating, shower and toilet chairs, etc.

Life Changing Support

Variety Alberta is supporting the Adaptive Bike Program

Variety’s Support of the Adaptive Bike Program

“More often than not, people see a disability before they see a person.”

Variety helps children with special needs gain mobility, confidence, freedom and independence by providing funding for specialized bikes to families with the most need.

Working with community partners, physical therapists and families, adaptive bikes are designed specifically for each individual to address motor skills, muscle strength and stability in addition to physical activity, fun and freedom.

The benefits of a specialized bike are both physical and therapeutic but are expensive and cost between $5,000 to $10,000 a bike all depending on adaptation requirements. Many families simply cannot afford to purchase them for their child’s needs.

Variety is growing its bike program and in 2018 is hoping to raise at least $100,000 to give more kids the opportunity to ride.

Variety Alberta's Collaboration with Freedom Concepts Inc.

Variety Alberta is working with Freedom Concepts Inc. and community grassroots organizations to identify and support children who have mobility restraints and provide them an adaptive bike.
Testimonial from Hunter’s Father on benefit of an Adaptive bike for his son:

Hunter has been on his bike every day since he got it. When I take him outside, he goes straight to the garage door and waits for me to open it so I can get it out for him. He truly does enjoy his bike and if it wasn’t for the bikes you make, Hunter may not have gotten to experience that joy.