In a world that should be embracing diversity, inclusivity should be a top priority. But sadly, when it comes to building playgrounds, far too often, creating spaces for all abilities is something that is not as practiced as it should be. 

Why inclusion matters: 

Inclusive playgrounds are playground that have been thoughtfully designed to create a space that breaks down physical barriers and allows anyone – regardless of ability, to access them safely. Considerations encompass assistive device accessible ramps, sensory-rich structures, ground level play and equipment that makes it possible for children, youth and adults of all abilities to access the space and engage in play.

Inclusive playgrounds also foster social inclusivity by providing a space where children of all abilities can interact naturally. Inclusive play structures encourage teamwork, empathy and friendships between everyone using them.  

Inclusive playgrounds serve as educational tools, teaching children from a young age about diversity. By creating an environment where everyone can play together, we instill the values of equality and inclusion, shaping a generation that celebrates differences. 

Inclusive playgrounds go beyond being a space for physical activity; they are catalysts for social change. By embracing the principles of inclusivity in play, we pave the way for a future where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated.  

Let our playgrounds be the starting point for a more inclusive and compassionate world, where every child, regardless of ability, can experience the magic of childhood play. 

Airdrie Community Inclusive Playground Rendition:

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