Go Baby Go

Toddler Mobility Program

Go Baby Go

Toddler Mobility Program

For children living without disabilities, technology makes things easier. For children living with disabilities, technology makes things possible!

Toddler Mobility Program

Go Baby Go is a program that supports children living with limited mobility using ride-on adaptive toy cars with push-button switches, supportive seating and communication devices to provide opportunities for children to move independently in ways that they otherwise would not be able to do on their own.

Most of the children we support are living with multiple complex needs where our modified vehicles act as a tool to aid with their mobility. Though the Go Baby Go cars are a fun experience for kids, the program is geared towards supporting children who are not independently mobile to engage in play while experiencing therapeutic benefits, building muscle control and muscle memory and learning about their environment.

Children must be aged 1.5 years to 8 years to participate (or be able to fit comfortably into a vehicle).

Note: We recognize that most of the children that receive Go Baby Go cars have various needs, and as such we work with families/Physiotherapists/Occupational Therapists to determine how best to adapt the cars for each child to be able to independently move the car (or work towards independent movement if possible.

Most of our vehicles have remote control functionality so parents are able to support the movement, direction and speed of the Go Baby Go car while their child learns the vehicle with the adaptive technology that best fits their needs and their learning.

Though we will do our best to gift as many cars as possible to children in our communities, we do screen the children for our program and make the decision of who receives cars based on disability and mobility need. As such, not every inquiry leads to an automatic car gifting.


Link to News Article and Video on the Importance of Go Baby Go cars for kids:


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